Code52 - What a great idea

15 January 2012

Earlier this week I saw an intriguing post on twitter inviting people to join the code52 room on JabbR.

My first thought, what’s code52?

From the about page of the code52 website “We want to build fun stuff in our spare time, give back to projects which need support, and create a community</b> which is inclusive and engaging.”.

This sort of collaboration is unheard of in the .Net community and I’m looking forward to getting behind some of the projects.

Having well designed apps available to learn from should help prevent people from learning from apps like the Northwind Starter Kit that weren’t designed for this purpose.

The majority of open source code I’ve seen in the .Net space are tools that help solve problems instead of concrete examples of how to solve a problem in a particular domain.

Initiatives such as this will help foster stronger collaboration between developers who are passionate about sharing what they can do with others and provide an avenue for learning that wasn’t so easily accessible.